We are happy to introduce – intersections – urban installations where conversation and fun come together.

In such a fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to cherish moments with our friends and family in inviting and beautiful surroundings. We invite you to discover the colorful and functional world of intersections.

Intersections – urban installations

Modular system

are created with a modular system of geometric shapes that can be freely rearranged. Each element slides into the other creating an interwave-like pattern of color and form.

These geometric installations provide versatile functionality for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Those functions naturally intersect with each other, creating a unique interaction between users, spaces and objects. Whether it is a park, public square in a city center or a store, Intersections create unique spaces for visitors.

Available works

Intersections can be used both indoors or outdoors. The indoor version is usually created from wood, and the outdoor ones are made from stainless steel.

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Intersections - available works

We are happy to create unique

Compositions made for a given

Space. Please contact us with

Your request.


Intersections bench module - design installation

Module r1

Intersections module bench corner - design installation

Module c1

Intersections bench module trapezium - design installation

Module t1

Intersections bench module hill - design installation

Module h1

Intersections bench module higher trapezium - design installation

Module t2

Intersections bench module rectangle - design installation

Module r2

Intersections module higher rectangle - design installation

Module r1

Intersections bench module square - design installation

Module s1


modules are available in beech wood, ash wood, or plywood.

Finishing: Intersections are painted with a water-based laquer with a matt finishing. Other types of finishing are available on request.

Colors: All NCS / RAL colors are available. Production lead-time takes about 6 weeks.

Prices: Available on request.


Intersections sculpture - bench design installation

Sculpture s3.1

Intersections sculpture - bench design installation

Sculpture l1.1

Intersections sculpture - kids design installation

Sculpture s3.2

Intersections sculpture - kids design installation

Sculpture l2

Intersections play furniture - design installation

Sculpture s3.3

Intersections play furniture - design installation

Sculpture l3

Intersections play furniture - kids design installation

Sculpture o1

This catalog presents an overview of sculptures that are currently available.

All installations can be produced in two material options: 1) powder coated stainless steel or 2) powder coated galvanized steel. The color scheme can be chosen in collaboration with the client.

Selected works are also available for a short or long term rental.

About us

The team

The studio, skilfully combines art, architecture and design, showing how much these areas intertwine and how important a common point of these activities is man and his reaction to the space in which he resides. They often show unobvious solutions in places requiring artistic intervention, thanks to which they take on a new breath, come to life, provoke interaction and new ways of experiencing.

Izabela Bołoz

The studio, led by Izabela Bołoz, In 2011, she established her own studio in the Netherlands. Clients include cultural institutions, local governments and international brands. Her projects are as diverse as her background, ranging from installations in public space, to functional objects and curation of exhibitions. She is currently a lecturer at the Technical University Eindhoven; she taught at the School of Form in Poznan and Design Academy Eindhoven.


Dezeen, architecture and design magazine - article about Intersections, street furniture design


Dutch Design Week 2014: The interlocking modules of this street furniture by Polish designer Izabela Bołoz form flexible seating for members of the public to sit, recline or climb on.

On this link you will find more information about the Dutch Design Week 2014 on dezeen.

Contemporary Lynx

Originally designed for the Gdynia Design Days – the biggest summer design event in Poland – ‘Intersections’ references the Polish city’s Modernist architecture.

On this link you will find more information about the Gdynia Design on Contemporary Lynx.
Contemporary Lynx magazine - article about Intersection, design installation
Architectenweb - article about Intersections, geometric modules


Izabela Boloz, based in Eindhoven, introduced Intersections a few years ago, a series of modular objects with which functional installations can be created in the outdoor space.

On this link you will find more information about the intersection on Architectenweb


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